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Plan and refine your own Teaching-as-Research project alongside a learning community of peers.
Learn how to create and implement assessments particular to STEM courses.
Study issues of inclusion and develop an inclusive micro-teaching plan in this hands-on course.
Understand the theory behind how diversity affects learning and develop practical classroom strategies.
Analyse gender bias and collaboratively develop approaches to counter gender bias in STEM.
Get an introduction to analyzing narrative data (intended especially for students pursuing a TAR project).
Learn essential tips for making the most of your first and last days of class.
Learn how to find and critically evaluate literature for educational research.
Civic learning intentionally prepares students for informed and engaged participation in their communities. Learn how to develop civic learning assignments and learning goals in this workshop.
In project-based learning, students investigate relevant, complex scientific situations to learn new concepts. Learn how to design project-based learning activities in this workshop.
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of open source educational materials and sample two platforms with hands-on activities.
Draft a peer-reviewed statement that reflects your teaching beliefs and experiences.
Craft a robust IDP draft and action plan by learning the components of successful, sustainable plans.