Available courses

Understand the theory behind how diversity affects learning and develop practical classroom strategies in this course designed for STEM/SBE grad students and postdocs.
Dive into the literature on STEM teaching and learning in this discussion-based journal club.
Work with a community of peers to develop and improve your research mentoring skills in this engaging seminar.
Get an introduction to key learning principles and the basics of effective teaching practices in this course about teaching in the STEM college classroom.

This workshop is intended for international teaching assistants who are getting ready to teach in the American classroom.

Develop and practice your own strategies for effective communication in this case-study-based workshop focused on building and maintaining rapport with students.

Prepare lesson plans for biology labs that pull from case studies and promote active learning in this three-part workshop. 

Learn about engaging, evidence-based pedagogical practices for statistics in this short course designed for current and future instructors.

In this three-part workshop, participants will explore key concepts and strategies in science communication, focusing on both spoken and written messages.

In this two-part workshop, you will learn how to write an effective, peer-reviewed teaching philosophy statement that reflects your teaching beliefs and experiences, approaches to student learning, and examples of best practices in evidence-based instruction.

This workshop is designed to give cross-Network instructors, event organizers, and workshop facilitators the opportunity to experience online teaching and learning before the semester begins.

The CIRTL Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching is a 5 day on-line workshop designed to have participants meet the goals and learning outcomes of the CIRTL Associate Level Certificate.