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This course is designed to cover basic concepts, techniques, and procedures of conducting TAR in the undergraduate classroom. Students will develop a full TAR proposal and will be poised to conduct their research in the summer or fall of 2017.
In this CIRTL Network course, students will learn the basics of effective teaching as well as ideas in the forefront of college education, including digital approaches to teaching and learning.
Become a better college instructor by considering the complex issues of diversity and how to address them effectively in your classroom practice.
This course is designed to help graduate students and postdocs new to teaching online learn how to design and run an effective course.
In this course, participants will work with a community of peers to develop and improve their mentoring skills. By the end of the seminar, participants should be able to clearly articulate a personal mentoring philosophy to anyone inside or outside their discipline, and describe multiple strategies for dealing with mentoring challenges.
This course serves as an introduction to the basics of service-learning pedagogy, with special focus on STEM disciplines. It consists of eight online synchronous two hour sessions, in addition to asynchronous readings and activities.

This workshop will help participants craft their own strategies for fostering inclusive research and teaching environments. Participants will discuss case studies from common research and teaching scenarios that graduate students and postdocs are likely to encounter, and they will draft their own statement on the value of diversity. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to develop a plan of action for their classrooms, and will have a paragraph statement on diversity that they could incorporate into existing teaching or research philosophy statements.